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Bio-rotors (Rotating Biological Discs)

A bio-rotor is a buffer manufactured from steel plate with a rotor body inside. The rotor has an axle structure with maintenance-free bearings. Apart from the axle, the other components are made of plastic or stainless steel. The rotor is driven by means of an engine reducer. A plastic hood or tarpaulin is fitted over the rotor.

Various types of carrier materials can be fitted in the bio-rotor compartments, such as rings (PP, PVC), foam blocks, etc.   
Type Capacity (m³/h) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
BR-1 1-3 2300 1400 1400
BR-2 3-6 2750 1700 1700
BR-3 6-10 3000 1900 1900
BR-4 10-20 3500 2400 2400
BR-6 20-30 4500 2500 2500

Based on your water quality, we can calculate which bio-rotor you can best use with which carrier material.