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Flotatie unit / Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

Flotatie unit / DAF

A DAF unit is characterised by micro-bubbles which are used to remove suspended solids from the water by flotation. The composition and distribution of the water and air play an important role here. The flotate is subsequently removed by the use of a scraper.

Logisticon has a range of DAF units which are equipped to treat various capacities.
 flotatie 5m3 per uur
The most appropriate DAF unit for the water to be treated will depend on the substances present (sludge content), the possible prior dosing of auxiliary materials via a pipe flocculator and, naturally, the required capacity. Some of the DAF unit models also have internal lamellae or a sand trap. Logisticon’s DAF units are manufactured from stainless steel.
We have a selection of DAF-units (including full-scale versions) available in our rental fleet which you can use to treat your water on a temporary or trial basis.  flotatie 25m3 per uur