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Lamella seperator

Lamella separator

The lamella sedimentation tank is available in various models, the following aspects playing a role in the selection process:
  • capacity
  • required projected area
  • sedimentation area (depending on the surface loading rate)
  • equipped with a sand trap
  • setting up of lamella with the flow or counter to the flow
  • coated steel or stainless steel model (plastic is also possible for smaller sedimentation tanks)
  • centre-to-centre distance of the lamella.
The standard models Logisticon has developed are based on a counter-flow model with projected surfaces of 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 m². Should another design be required, we can arrange it for you in joint consultation. We have a selection of lamella sedimentation tanks (including full-scale versions) available in our rental fleet which you can use to treat your water on a temporary or trial basis. The application of a pipe flocculator (in combination with polyelectrolyte or PE dosing) is also possible.