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Membrane degassers

Membrane degassers

In addition to the usual methods such as stripping and vacuum degasification, Logisticon also uses a technology based on membranes.

It is possible to remove gas from a water phase using Liqui-cel® membrane. Liqui-cel® membrane consists of thousands of Celgard® hollow fibre membranes (similar to tiny straws), made of microporous polypropylene, which are wound around a distribution pipe. Because the hollow fibre membranes are hydrophobic, the watery flow cannot penetrate the pores, but the gas can.

If very low dissolved gas contents are the objective, it is possible to apply a vacuum to the suction side, possibly in combination with a stripping gas (often nitrogen). Oxygen levels < 20 ppb can be achieved in this way. Industrial quality nitrogen is used for this purpose rather than technically-pure nitrogen and this yields considerable savings in the operational costs.
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