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Storage tanks and buffers

Storage tanks and buffers

In fact, the use of buffers requires little explanation: they are used to store water or sludge. Sludge buffers can be manufactured with a conical bottom and a drain outlet if required.

Our standard buffers with volumes up to and including 14 m³ are equipped with lids with handles on the top. Buffers with larger volumes are covered by means of a tarpaulin. The table below gives our standard dimensions.
Type Cap.(m³) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
BB-1 2,3 1250 1250 1670
BB-2 4,6 2500 1250 1670
BB-3 7,0 3750 1250 1670
BB-4 10,5 3750 1875 1670
BB-6 28,0 6000 2500 2500