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Purity in water

Broad experience with equipment construction

With over 25 years’ experience Logisticon Water Treatment builds high quality water treatment plants at our own facility. These are in-house designed and built for many applications: drinking water, process and waste water treatment, groundwater treatment, environmental technology and water reuse. The fact that everything is built in-house represents our guarantee of quality and flexibility. Alongside our extensive knowledge and service organization these are the main reasons why customers choose Logisticon.

Small and large scale water treatment projects

Logisticon offers not only small systems, built on a frame or in a container, but also complete turnkey projects. Whether it’s a small system of 1 m3 / h or a large installation over 2000 m3 / h, all plants are delivered with the same high degree of precision and quality. Our service department can maintain these facilities and possibly even operate them for you. Ask us about the possibilities of selling, renting, outsourcing (DBFO) and operational leasing of our water treatment plants.

Engineering, construction and assembly in one hand

The extensive knowledge of our staff within a matrix organization structure ensures that we can always call upon the right people for your project. We will make you a complete design or integrate parts into existing treatment systems. With disciplines in the field of process engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and control technology, our projects are developed in 3D detail. We utilize the operational knowledge of our service and rental department in addition to a competitive price to calculate the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
The complete system is constructed in our own factory, assembled and tested. Thanks to our own production department plants for steel, stainless steel, plastic and assembly Logisticon is able to offer all facilities under one roof.

Innovative with attention to quality, safety and environment

Thanks to the availability of specific equipment from our rental fleet, we can develop and test innovative solutions for an attractive price. Either independently or together with other partners, sometimes we use an existing technique for a new solution, another time with a completely new design that we would then extensively test. Logisticon spends very close attention to quality in both design and construction (ISO9001), safety (QHSE and VCA **, NEN 1090) and of course sustainability and environment (ISO14001 and BRL K 903). Corporate Social Responsibility is also a high priority.

Clear analysis followed by a guaranteed pure result

A thorough analysis of the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the water system is the starting point of our project approach. Then we can use our research laboratory and an additional pilot to determine how the desired water quality can best be achieved. You will in this way get a clear picture in advance if your need can be answered. The result is that you will be offered an ideal solution, in which the parameters such as planning, quality, warranty, construction and budget are all clearly established.

Wide choice of techniques

Naturally conventional technologies are also included within our product range, but we prefer to offer the latest and more innovative techniques. Examples of this include ultra filtration and Nano filtration, Air-flushed reverse osmosis (AiRO), ceramic membranes, aerobic and anaerobic MBR, pertraction, EDI, EDR and membrane distillation. Please contact us to find out more.

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