Rinse water re-use installation

New rinse water re-use installation for drinking water company Vitens in Spannenburg: largest in its kind!

Logisticon Water Treatment has been commissioned by drinking water company Vitens to design and build a rinse water reuse installation. This plant is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands with a capacity to be purified of 1.25 million m3/year. The purification principle is based on the application of ultrafiltration membranes based on immersed membranes that work on under pressure.

Vitens is a water company that produces around 330 million cubic meters of drinking water and supplies approximately 5.4 million customers with drinking water. This makes Vitens the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands.

The largest groundwater treatment plant in the Netherlands is in Friesland and is also owned by Vitens, where 25 million m3/year of drinking water is produced. In this production location groundwater is pumped up and by means of sand filtration, de-acidification and softening made suitable for drinking water.

When periodically back-washing the sand filters ( de-ferrisation filters), rinse water is released with iron sludge. The backwash water re-use installation is intended to separate the iron sludge from the rinsing water, whereby the iron sludge is removed. The rinsing water, after being cleaned from iron sludge, will be returned to the treatment process so the valuable water is not lost.

Pilot trials

In collaboration with Vitens and Koch Membrane Systems, Logisticon has tested the Puron membrane for a long time in a pilot unit on the iron-containing rinsing water from the production location in Spannenburg, the Netherlands. Based on the positive outcome of these pilot testing, Puron membranes were qualified as a product, and Logisticon Water Treatment as an OEM for this project.

Design & Construct contract.

The contract for Logisticon Water Treatment concerned the design and construction of an installation that purifies 1,250,000 m3 of rinse water annually with Puron submersible Ultrafiltration membranes with an overall efficiency of >85%. The design consists of 2 streets, each of which can handle 75% the filter backwash water supplied. The filtrated water is post treated with UV disinfection and so safely re-introduced into the feed water stream for the drinking water purification production line.

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