Saving costs & project duration with mobile ultrafiltration units for temporary drinking water

Logisticon Mobile Water Solutions supplied end of 2018 a temporary containerized ultrafiltration systems solution with a combined maximum capacity of 900 m3/h for a 24 month period.


Clients existing treatment installation treats lake water with traditional filtration. This installation needed rehabilitation and was planned for a period of 48-54 months with phased refurbishment, replacement and implementation. Therefore, small parts of the existing installation must always be put out of operation in order to keep sufficient drinking water available.


Using Logisticon Mobile Water Solutions installation half of existing installation could be by-passed and the rehabilitation period shorted with over 1 year. With this solution the final client saved time and money due to the shorter and more efficient refurbishment including the rental of the UF2880 units. With this solution the risk of loss of production during rehabilitation was lowered to almost zero.


4 trucks each with a UF2880 unit drove to our customer. Commissioning support with two specialized and highly qualified engineers enabled start-up in just 10 days

Customer quote: “The problem-free implementation of this idea together with Logisticon Mobile Water Solutions has encouraged us to again offer such a project.”


Each UF2880 installation consists of 48 parallel inge dizzer® XL 0,9 MB 60m2 membranes with a total installed surface of 2880 m2. The installation is equipped with a feed pump, automatic pre-filter of 300µm, a coil pipe flocculator, chemical storage and dosing systems, purified water buffer, chemical cleaning system with integrated heaters, backwash pump and finally a purified water supply pump. Each installation is completely designed and built in a CSC certified 40 feet insulated container and controlled by a Siemens S7-PLC system with Scada and datalogging. The ultrafiltration systems are remotely controlled with a master PLC using a safe VPN data connection.

Drinking water company Evides investigates purification technology for the future

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