Waste water re-use for Croda, The Netherlands

Croda, worldwide supplier of speciality chemicals on basis of natural resources, is using a waste water re-use installation since April 2014. This will be another step into achieving their goal of improving the environmental impact of their production in the coming years.

An ultramodern membrane filtration installation tertiary treated waste water will be made suitable for use in their processes and steam vessels. With the new installation, extraction of 500.000 tons/annum of well water is prevented, reduction over 90% of initially used chemicals needed for the water purification is achieved, high amounts of CO2 is saved needed for the production of these chemicals and also high amounts the discharge of salt to the surface water is diminished.  The processed water and steam finally end up again in the waste water treatment installation and thus a loop is created. This way, the environment can be protected.

Intensive pilot testing

Croda has chosen for this new technology of ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis due to the robustness of the system, low investment costs and low energy use.

Logisticon Water Treatment from the Netherlands first tested these technologies thoroughly. Also a new and innovative system for maintenance cleaning these submerged ultrafiltration membranes was developed. This resulted in a reduction of over 85% compared to conventional cleanings. Logisticon also won the RFQ, this way they were able to design, build and deliver the whole installation.

Looking for a robust and sustainable solution with low energy use

In the chemical industry in The Netherlands not a lot of waste water reuse systems are being used on this big scale. With the actual design Croda is unique. "Because we were unfamiliar with this technology, we first wanted to test this thoroughly and check the robustness, before we decided to go on", said Danny Zwakhals, Site Engineering Manager of Croda. “It turned out to be a robust and sustainable solution with an advantageous low energy use, Croda was looking for.”

Croda is on the 28st place of the Global 100 sustainable companies.  This water purification solution will definitively contribute to that again.

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