Well water treatment for Casino in South Africa

Aquest Colsen has realized a groundwater treatment installation for the production of drinking water for the "Grand West Casino" in Cape Town, South Africa. Due to the persistent drought, the drinking water supply was limited. With this new treatment facility, the customer is no longer dependent on the supply of drinking water by the local water company. Aquest Colsen in its turn asked Logisticon Water Treatment to design and realize the sand filter installation with a capacity of up to 50 m3/h. The installation has been in operation since mid-2018 and purifies (brackish) groundwater, which is subsequently used to make bacteriologically safe and reliable drinking water through the use of reverse osmosis.

    Gedemineraliseerd water voor BioMCN

    BioMCN, een van Europa’s grootste methanol producenten voor tweede-generatie biobrandstof, produceert en verkoopt industriële hoeveelheden van hoge kwaliteit bio-methanol in Farmsum, Nederland.

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