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Drinking water quality in Swedish municipality secured

At the end of 2023, a Swedish drinking water supply company, responsible for the drinking water of a large municipality, contacted Ramson AB, Logisticon's partner in SwedenA bacterial outbreak had taken place in the drinking water source. The cause for the outbreak was unknown, and after retesting it was established that the bacteria, clostridium, was still present in the source. Due to the bacteria, all residents of the municipality no longer had access to safe drinking water. A quick solution was required.

Within a few weeks from ordering, Logisticon delivered two mobile ultrafiltration (UF) installations from stock, a UF2880 and a UF1440, with a total capacity of 250m3/h. The purpose of the installations is to remove bacteria and reduce turbidity for more effective post-treatment.

Ultrafiltration is a technology that uses membranes to separate small particles of 0.02 to 0.05 microns from water. These particles include bacteria and viruses. By guiding the water through the membranes with pressure, the small particles remain in the membranes. The purified water is led into the drinking water plant for further treatment. Ultrafiltration technology enables strict water quality requirements to be met and provides stable, reliable and consistent water quality. The membranes used in Logisticon's UF installations are the DuPontTM IntegraTecTM membranes and act as a barrier for fine particles, suspended solids, micro-organisms and low molecular weight particles, without changing the salinity of the final drinking water.

Thanks to a strong cooperation between Logisticon, Ramson and the client, where Ramson acts as single point of contact and leading the project, there is only a few months between request and commissioning of the installation. The bacteria was found in the drinking water source at the end of 2023. A few weeks later, the customer visited Logisticon to discuss options and view the ultrafiltration installations. The letter of intent was received by Ramson before Christmas and the order became final in January, also for Logisticon. The installation is currently being connected, the infrastructure is being built and it will be put into use in April. From then on, the water quality will improve for the entire municipality and the customer will have the space to think about a long-term solution.


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