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‘End-of-pipe solution’ enables client to discharge again

Logisticon was asked to carry out an on-site water scan at a food company in the North of the Netherlands. This company was struggling with a high chloride content in its wastewater treatment system effluent. Using a site visit in which all water flows in the production process were viewed and mapped, a water and chloride balance was established. These balances determine where and how most of the chlorides enter the water.

This information was summarized in an ‘Water scan advisory report’, which also included various solutions. This advice also investigated reusing salt in the production process, as well as using low-chloride additives in the water treatment system. As the situation needed to be resolved quickly, a short-term ‘end-of-pipe solution’ proved to be the most suitable.

The client followed this advice and asked Logisticon Verhuur to install the end-of-pipe system.  A partial flow is desalinated via sand filtration, ultrafiltration (UF240) and reverse osmosis (10m3/hour). The concentrate, the thickened salt stream from the reverse osmosis process, is then transported to an external party for further processing.

This innovative end-of-pipe solution ensures that the chloride content of the discharged effluent is within discharge specifications, enabling the client to focus fully on its production process again.

Are you also experiencing challenges with your wastewater, are you interested in alternative, smart, cost-saving solutions or would you like to know more about Logisticon’s working method? If so, please contact Logisticon’s water specialists: they will be delighted to help you out.


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