Expansion in Kazakhstan

In 2019, a sand-and ultrafiltration plant was installed on a rental basis at a large industrial customer in Kazakhstan. The unit consists of six large sand filters followed by two ultrafiltration units and treats surface water with a volume of 200 m³/h.

As winter temperatures of -30 degrees to -40 degrees Celsius are no exception in this area and it is often hot in the summer months, heating and cooling of the partially containerized plant was taken into account.

After 1.5 years of problem-free operation, an expansion was started in 2020, which was completed in the autumn of 2021. This expansion concerns 6 additional sand filters, a complete feed pump skid, backwash and distribution and a double pass reverse osmosis plant with chemical dosing and CIP unit.

After this upgrade, the plant supplies 400-600 m³/h of sand-filtered water, 100-200 m³/h of ultra-filtered water and 100 m³/h of demineralized water. The process automation was also connected to the customer for a permanent overview. Despite the language barrier, the communication with the customer went smoothly and the installation could be put into operation on the expected date to everyone's complete satisfaction.

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