Logisticon Rental makes sure the customer discharges clean water

A pharmaceutical company in Belgium that is expanding the production had to deal with a construction site that had to be drained for the construction of basements and elevator shafts. Logisticon Rental was asked to provide a water treatment solution for this drainage water.

In order to meet the local discharge standards, iron and manganese had to be removed from the water. In addition, in a number of cases there was an increased concentration of sulphate in the water. In the first phase of drainage, this would not cause any problems as the water with increased concentration of sulphate could be treated via the existing wastewater treatment plant. However, if the sulfate content were to increase further, the discharge norm after the wastewater treatment would not be met and an extra treatment step would have to be added.

Logisticon Rental supplied a sand carbon filtration system for the removal of iron and manganese for two drainage wells (for this purpose, manganese dioxide was added to the sand filter). As an extra, a reversed osmosis installation was supplied that was only put into operation when the sulphate concentration in the effluent exceeded the discharge norm.

Good coordination between end customer, engineering firm and Logisticon Rental ensured that the temporary water treatment was delivered on time, in line with the work of the drainage company. The treated water, after analysis, could be discharged to surface water according to the locally applicable requirements.

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