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Logisticon provides suitable solution for drinking water treatment

Logisticon Water Treatment supplied a containerized UF plant to improve drinking water quality for a Scandinavian municipality. For a long time the water quality was at the limit of the drinking water standard, as iron, manganese and turbidity caused discolored and non-tasting water. Also, the protection against bacteria and viruses was not entirely in order.

The solution offered by Logisticon concerns an ultrafiltration plant with a capacity of 30-50 m3/hour, equipped with UV post-treatment. The installation functions as a pre-filtration unit for the existing drinking water treatment plant and removes turbidity, bacteria, viruses and, for the most part, color from the feed water. This relieves the main treatment plant in such a way that the de-ironing and de-manganizing processes can function properly again. The Logisticon installation is also fully remote-controlled. This makes it possible to monitor the operation from Groot-Ammers and provide operational support if necessary.

Both Logisticon and the inhabitants of the municipality are very satisfied with the delivered solution as the current drinking water is described as crystal clear, good tasting, safe and meets the current drinking water standard.


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