Special treatment at ‘De Put’

Special treatment at ‘De Put’ Drinking water treatment plant ‘De Put’ in Nieuw-Lekkerland was shut down on 4 September 2020 when Oasen decided to initiate large-scale renovations. This production location, which was taken into operation as far back as 1922, had reached the end of its technical and economic service life. The new treatment plant is being equipped with modern treatment technology to treat groundwater, producing 100% drinking water. The design is based on the One Step Reverse Osmosis (OSRO) concept developed by Oasen, which comprises membrane technology (Reverse Osmosis) and post-treatment. 

Logisticon Water Treatment was contracted by Oasen to build the RO membrane system. Logisticon is also delivering part of the post-treatment, which comprises ion exchange filters (IEX). The entire treatment plant will be constructed by main contractor, ADS Groep. They are also implementing the rest of the post-treatment, which includes calcite filtration and aeration and degassing towers.

The new water treatment plant will enable Oasen to guarantee future drinking water supply from the end of 2022. This new treatment plant will optimise the removal of groundwater salinisation and future contaminants.

Oasen has now also started constructing the new ‘De Hooge Boom’ treatment plant in Kamerik. Logisticon has also been contracted to deliver the same system at this location as used at ‘De Put’ and will be cooperating with main contractor GMB on this. However, at this location, the approach is somewhat different, as the existing treatment plant will only be demolished once the new plant becomes operational in mid-2023.

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