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Thanks to a Rental Solution, our customer experiences the desired quantity and quality

Logisticon was requested to supply a complete water treatment system for a customer from the Northern Netherlands, who produces vegetable protein from potatoes. The customer was dealing with the potato campaign in combination with a production expansion.

The production expansion required additional (demi-) process water for a period of at least 8 months. For the production of this process water, the water from a nearby river had to be treated in several steps. The rental solution for this purpose consists of ultrafiltration, activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and UV disinfection.

After quick mobilization and delivery of the required components, the installation was completed in time for the campaign. With success! Because at the start-up, the rental plant immediately supplied the required quality of process water for relevant purposes in the plant.

As an additional service, Logisticon provides the required process support using 24/7 remote monitoring. Thanks to this solution, the client can now fully rely on the desired process water quantity and quality. This is what we call Service+ at Logisticon.


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