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Water purification contributes to savings on the required polymer

At the end of 2019, Logisticon Water Treatment started building a water treatment plant as part of an installation that produces large-scale polymer. The required polymer production water is pumped from the pump skid placed near the river through the water purification of Logisticon to the water buffers of the polymer production installation. The river water intake point consists of two pumps that can pump 200 m3 / h.

For several months, samples were taken from the water source every day to record the water quality. This has shown that the water must first be pretreated before it can be purified by means of ultrafiltration. A Pretreatment has been designed for this in the form of a 40ft container. In the container, the supply pipe is split into two streets. Caustic soda and iron chloride are dosed in these streets. After the Pretreatment unit, two 200 m3 settling tanks are installed, in which the water is further treated before the feed water ends up in the two UF units. Two membrane degassing units are installed behind the UF units to reduce the oxygen content. Because the oxygen has been removed from the feed water, the polymer breaks down less quickly and up to 40% less polymer is required. In addition, enormous savings have been made on the material to be used for the transport pipeline.


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