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The choice of buying, leasing or renting an installation depends on many variables. If you opt for a new installation, Logisticon will help you with the process design, detail engineering, construction, testing and final commissioning. Logisticons number 1 priority is to find the most optimal solution, based on price, supply security, reliability, quality and planning.

One big advantage is that with every installation you’re doing business directly with our in-house design team. All the design, engineering and construction work is carried out in our own factory. Which means that Logisticon doesn't have to rely on third parties… and that you can rely completely on Logisticon.

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Logisticon has been sharing its knowledge in an open structure for many years. This means coming up with smart, guaranteed solutions and testing them using research and pilot installations. Find the solutions for your water treatment issues here.

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Over the years, Logisticon has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of water treatment in many different sectors. Click on the relevant sector and find out how Logisticon can help you.

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