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Drinking Water
Drinking Water

All over the world, Dutch drinking water is regarded as top quality. Logisticon is proud that it can contribute to this quality on a daily basis. Drinking water is produced from pumped groundwater (more than 60% in the Netherlands), abstracted surface water (from rivers or lakes) or desalinated seawater. Logisticon is active not just in the Dutch drinking water market. It also has experience worldwide with the production of drinking water.

For years, Logisticon has been a reliable partner for the drinking water sector and has supplied smart and mobile solutions that focus on water quality, quantity and reliability. In addition, the drinking water industry requires research to be conducted into alternative sources, such as wastewater reuse. It is important to select the correct treatment method for each source. Logisticon contributes to this by advising its partners on process technology, operational knowledge and pilot installations.

Logisticon supplies high-quality and fully automated plug & play installations in line with the very latest technologies. Continuous availability, permanent 24/7 inspections and process technology support are just some of the smart solutions that Logisticon can offer to this demanding industry. Logisticon also has smart rental solutions that can be deployed (for the short or long term) by its rental fleet to support the industry with advice and assistance for production expansion, calamities, seasonal peaks or temporary supply in support of planned maintenance activities.

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