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Dissolved air flotation (DAF)
Dissolved air flotation (DAF)

Flotation techniques are used to remove insoluble contaminants, fats and oils from a liquid. In addition, flotation is the technique for removing (light) particles formed from an effluent stream eg following coagulation.

Micro air bubbles are introduced into a flotation unit to remove substances from the water by means of flotation (uplift). This takes place by allowing the small air bubbles to adhere to the dirt, after which it floats to the top. The dirt floating on top of the liquid is then removed with a scraper.

Logisticon has extensive experience in supplying DAF installations in a wide range of sectors such as the food, oil and gas and chemical industries. This is done in combination with buffers, pumps and chemical dosing of coagulant/flocculant.

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