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Containerized and Mobile Water Treatment Systems

Mobile or semi-permanent water treatment in containers

Water purification in a container is useful if you want a quick and hassle-free start with mobile water treatment. Whether it's sand filtration, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltrationMBR or other techniques, Logisticon supplies all possible purification made to order. They may even be integrated in a fully equipped mobile, compact container. Ideal for mobile water treatment that needs to be mobile or outside, as a temporary or permanent solution with adequate protection against the weather.

Plug and play

Our containerized mobile water treatment plants are 'plug and play': all the equipment is installed, connected, wired and tested in our workshop. Transportation is easy and our employees simply have to connect a single inlet and outlet pipe and electrical supply at the treatment site. This provides a rapid solution and minimal impact on other operations.

Many design options

Containerized treatment plants are available in various sizes such as 8, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 45 ft. in a standard or high-cube version. The container comes complete with a steel barrel door, lighting, heating, ventilation, safety equipment and a worksheet. The walls and roof are reinforced, insulated and finished with a chemical resistant surface finish. The floor is waterproof and fitted with aluminium cladding and structural reinforcements are built in.

New containers with many options

All containers are new and can be delivered according to various certification standards such as  CSC, ISO, Offshore DNV 2.7-1 / EN12079. For a professional finish, the container can also be spray painted in your company’s colours. There are furthermore many options, everything from installation of air-conditioning units through to linking multiple units into one larger unit as well as integration of tanks up to 60 m3.

Custom design and construction

Logisticon are only too happy to advise you on the best purification technology and integration thereof within container (s). If necessary we would insert a double floor, stair access, buffer trays, stripping towers, shutters or reinforced floor. We invite you to define your specific requirements and we will make an appropriate design. During the construction and testing phase, you are welcome in our factory.

Extensive experience and low Total Cost of Ownership

By integrating our knowledge of service and rental of water treatment plants, we know how to design, build and operate with a focus on sustainability, efficiency and low maintenance. Ultimately we offer the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership. Our experience is based on 25 years and more than 750 containerized treatment plants that we have designed and built. Containerized treatment is after all so much more than just sticking an installation into a container

Rental and Sales of mobile water treatment solutions

Mobile water purification units are available both for sale or rent. If you only need a temporary water treatment solution, then you might consider rental. Equally you may want to first gain experience with a specific purification technology before purchasing a system. Whether you are buying or renting, when your mobile unit arrives, you know that you can begin almost immediately.

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