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Process water

Process water has many names and qualities. What exactly is process water? We speak of process water when the water is used in a production process. Process water is often also given other names such as ultrapure water, demineralised water, cooling water, rinse water, washing water, brewing water, boiler feed water or other quality designations; Whatever process water is ultimately called and where each type of use has its own composition: Logisticon Water Treatment supplies every type of process water with the right quality and capacity.

Changing sources of process water

Due to the rising price of tap water on the one hand and the cost of wastewater treatment and discharge on the other, companies on industrial estates are increasingly frequently on the lookout for alternative sources of process water. Surface water, brackish water, groundwater, seawater and wastewater reuse are steadily becoming more popular for the preparation of process water. By cleverly combining different technologies Logisticon succeeds to reduce the overall cost to you in increasingly more different scenarios.

Preparation process at the lowest possible cost

Knowledge and experience with water purification processes are key in order to achieve the optimal design of treatment technology. Logisticon can draw on operational knowledge gained from a large number of our rental installations. With this knowledge, we can design, build and sell installations and offer you the lowest cost combination of investment, operation and maintenance.

Quality Standards

Installations for the (petro) chemical industry should be built differently than, for example, metal, paper, textile, food & beverage  and semi-conductor industries. Logisticon has the expertise and qualified personnel to meet all the specific quality standards and requirements of our customers.

Reliable delivery and certainly

Reliability in terms of quality and quantity is at the heart of design and construction. Quality requirements of the produced water are often especially high, for example, absolute bacteriological reliability up to ultra-pure water. Logisticon has, in this area, customer-specific solutions for both the quality and quantity requirements relating to process water.

Applications of process water

Process water is often used in industry for production such as

  • boiler feed water and steam production
  • basic raw material for production processes
  • means of transport
  • cleaning agent
  • cooling water
  • dilutution

Sustainable process water from wastewater or cooling water

For the reuse of industrial wastewater or cooling water for the production of process water look no further than Logisticon. We have designed and built purification systems that have produced demineralized water from wastewater, boiler feed water and even ultra-pure water. This cuts both ways. There is less water required for purchase in and also less wastewater discharged. With this integrated approach to water treatment the operating costs of your business are reduced, you also make an important contribution to the environment and consequently a sustainable production process.

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