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Logisticon mobile water solutions is Europe’s largest rental company in water treatment and purification equipment.

Fast and flexible rental

Besides sales of systems, Logisticon also rents almost all available types of water treatment systems. Logisticon mobile water solutions is Europe's largest rental company for water treatment plants. Everything needed for water treatment, from components to complete systems can be hired. One should consider sand filters, activated carbon filters, stripping towers, pumps, buffer tanks, chemical dosing systems, lamella clarifiers, aerators, flotation tanks or membrane systems like mobile ultrafiltration and mobile reverse osmosis. Either for short, medium and long term rental or DBFO projects Logisticon offers the perfect solution. Please contact us for a complete overview.

More flexibility or a solution for emergencies

Logisticon enables you to coordinate your water treatment needs seamlessly. In such situations where there is perhaps more or less capacity needed, change in water quality or chemical composition even new or heavier discharge requirements. A call to Logisticon Rental is enough to help set you up with the right equipment.

First test, then upscale

It is possible to simulate treatment on a laboratory scale but will that work on site at your company? By first hiring components or a complete installation and testing, you can learn how robust a specific solution actually is and consequently provide certainty before you invest in a new full scale installation.

Research and development projects

Equipment from our rental fleet is also ideal for use in research and development. Our rental department will ensure that your research team are supplied with the right equipment from our own rental fleet without delay. Our broad experience allows us to be creative and provide solution-orientated thinking, working with you all the time. The possibilities are - literally - big, also we can create and deliver bulky systems such as a full-scale plant from our rental fleet.


Investing in equipment that has a low in-operation rate is expensive. "Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) provides a good financial comparison overview. This includes not only the purchase price but also the costs of storage, maintenance, financing and repairs. Renting equipment enables you to keep costs clearly visible. You will in this case benefit from only having to pay part of the total depreciation and maintenance costs.

Quick replacements

Components of a purification system can always fail. If you are looking for a quick solution, then you can rent our plants or parts to swiftly proceed with treatment. Even rental equipment can occasionally fail. We guarantee than that any defective parts will be repaired or replaced immediately. If necessary, we replace parts. Whether you buy or rent from Logisticon, you can always count on reliable water treatment.
The equipment is overhauled prior to being used in a project. The large rental fleet enables us to deliver your installation in record time, for example, to solve bottlenecks, etc. The installation is, of course, connected in line by our assembly department on your site. And, if at all possible, we build the equipment into container housing. The option of renting water treatment equipment is especially interesting when it comes to a temporary solution for a problem area, for example due to an increase in your production requirements. But rental may also be a suitable option if you do not currently have time for a sizeable project. We realise the required solution in the short term. At an attractive price! Installations can also be rented from us for research and pilot installations.

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