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Sales or rental

One does not automatically get the choice of various options such as rental, rental/purchase, lease and purchase when one goes to buy a water treatment installation. Logisticon, however, has been providing alternative financing arrangements for years – so that you are able to choose the optimum solution for your water needs. Flexibility at the lowest possible cost.


If you opt for a new installation, we provide everything that goes with it: process design, engineering, the price/quality ratio and guarantees you require - whatever you want. Logisticon considers flexibility to be of paramount importance. And we go further than simply constructing installations to client specifications. Our objective is to find the optimum solution, together with you, based on price, security of supply, reliability, quality, and so on.


Logisticon Mobile Water Solutions is Europe's largest rental company for water treatment and water purification equipment

Alternative financing arrangements

If you need a new water treatment installation now, but are not prepared to invest in one at this precise point in time, we can offer you alternative financing arrangements. These consist of a lease, rental/purchase, a pay by instalment/delayed payment scheme and even a complete form of outsourcing. We can deliver water of the required quality and quantity which you pay for per unit. We provide all of these options because we know how crucial flexibility is. Now and in the future.

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