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Logisticon Water Treatment has an extensive in-house service & maintenance department with a large team of specialists with many years of experience in all forms of water purification.

The activities of the service & maintenance department of Logisticon contain the following parts:

  • • Service
  • • Maintenance and repair
  • • Breakdown service and trouble shooting
  • • Support for the optimization of process operations and purification processes
  • • Commissioning, start-up, adjustment and instruction / training
  • • Pilot tests
  • • Membrane cleaning and membrane replacement
  • • Ion-exchange resin cleaning and ion-exchange resin replacement
  • • Operation of water treatment and purification
  • • Combination of all these items in, for example, an operational lease, rental or DBFO contract

A management system can be integrated (upon request of the client) in various installations to enable the service and maintenance department to remotely monitor, operate or manage the installation (s) from our company in Groot-Ammers, The Netherlands. Corrections can be performed remotely if necessary, any faults can be read and if possible remotely resolved. Acute faults come to us 24/7 and are forwarded to the service engineer on duty. This advanced system allows continuous monitoring of installations all over the world, without the need for physical presence. If necessary, we will make the installation safe and come to the location within the time stipulated in the contract to repair the malfunctioning parts.

Our service & maintenance department ensures that everything continues to function properly

Should it nevertheless occur that a malfunction cannot be resolved quickly with an extensive service and maintenance contract, then we might have mobile water treatment units available. These can also be used for temporary capacity expansion, quality improvement or disaster management. 

Why Logisticon Water Treatment as a partner?

Logisticon Water treatment one of the few companies with extensive knowledge of building, selling, renting and operating water treatment plants. This means that we know how we can realize the lowest costs per purified m3 of water with a reliable installation. For this we use our own design department, construction workshop and a broad knowledge of water purification and water treatment. We are also ISO 9001, VCA and ISO 14001 certified, ensuring quality, safety and attention to the environment.  Logisticon Water Treatment supplies to companies in oil & gas, petrochemical , food, metal processing, pulp and paper and mining industry and also drinking water and wastewater sector.

Would you like a service and maintenance contract or would you like a free consultation with one of our specialists about the possibilities we offer, please contact us by calling  +31 184 608260 or send us an email.

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