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Membrane service
Membrane service

Customized advice
Logisticon Water Treatment is the number one expert in membranes for water treatment. With an extensive track record in various industries, Logisticon offers not only a wide range of membranes, but also professional advice to ensure that water treatment systems continue to perform optimally. Logisticon's expertise, based on years of experience in operating and maintaining membrane systems, allows us to provide optimal support to companies in choosing the right membranes for their specific application. The team of water professionals at Logisticon is ready to offer customized advice tailored to each unique situation. They understand the crucial role membranes play in water purification and filtration, and the goal is to help customers make the right decisions by providing advice for their water treatment systems.

Replacement - Total solution
Logisticon not only offers customized advice, but can also deliver membranes mostly from stock and place them in your installation. The team of service engineers is specialized in hygienic work and has all the tools to perform membrane replacement quickly and professionally. Together with you, Logisticon can draw up a work plan and, if desired, also provide temporary installations from Logisticon's rental fleet, so that you are completely relieved and your water production is maintained in quantity and quality.

Whether replacing old membranes or renewing your installation, Logisticon guarantees the highest quality and service. The team of experts is well-equipped to replace membranes efficiently, maintaining the reliability and performance of your water treatment system.

Cleaning Mobile Clean in Place (CIP).
An essential aspect of maintaining optimal membrane performance is regular cleaning. Logisticon understands this importance and offers comprehensive cleaning services to extend the lifespan of membranes and ensure the efficiency of water treatment systems. The team provides thorough cleaning of membranes with our mobile CIP plant, removing any scaling and organic contaminants. Logisticon Water Treatment also offers the ability to test membrane filtration processes at both pilot and full-scale, as well as the rental of membrane filtration equipment for temporary solutions. This allows customers to be assured of continuous support and immediately available membranes in the event of an emergency.

Whether renting a membrane plant, designing and constructing a new plant or replacing/refurbishing existing membranes, Logisticon Water Treatment guarantees the highest quality and service. Water treatment systems deserve nothing less than the best membranes, and Logisticon is the reliable partner in this commitment to water purity and efficiency.

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