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Waste water

The treatment of domestic sewage provides increased opportunities for energy conservation and recovery of nutrients. In the case of industrial wastewater treatment the improving effluent quality makes it increasingly possible to reuse the wastewater. Logisticon has both domestic and industrial wastewater in-house expertise to provide customized, sustainable treatment solutions.

Clean and energy-efficient solutions

Water technology is developing rapidly and so are we. In the area of tertiary treatment technology Logisticon provides many installations for extensive nitrate and phosphate removal or reduction of suspended solids, COD and heavy metals. At various water authorities Logisticon has installed a state of art, fine bubble aeration in combination with pre-boosters. Thanks to this technology up to 25% energy savings were achieved.

Leading the way in recovery of energy and nutrients

Logisticon designs and builds both pilot plant and full-scale treatment plants. We develop own systems but also build certain treatment solutions under license. For example the energy-efficient Nereda® pellet sludge reactors, Demon® reactors with anammox bacteria, phosphate recovery struvite mineral pellet reactors and treatment systems for additional biogas by fermentation, with sewage sludge, as an example. You can count on Logisticon as a solid and creative partner.

More stringent discharge requirements and still reduce costs

Governments are making increasing demands regarding the disposal of (treated) wastewater. Logisticon offers customized solutions for the reduction of suspended solids, chemical and biological oxygen demand (COD and BOD), nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals, BTEX and other contaminants found in wastewater. In conjunction with the recycling or recovery of valuable substances, it is even possible to reduce total costs.

Sustainable solutions and wastewater reuse

The costs of treating waste water depend on the nature of the waste water. The ‘pollutant load’ and the flow rate are the chief factors involved. The costs of discharge and your own treatment installation can be reduced by optimising your water management. Besides having a water scan carried out, an environmental management system is extremely important.

Temporary and permanent solutions

In the field of wastewater treatment, besides offering new build / sales we also have a rental fleet of mobile water treatment system equipment that can be used for temporary or semi-permanent applications with variable water treatment quality needs. Even in emergencies or for reinforcing discharge requirements these systems can be installed at short notice, we can quickly provide the ideal system. In addition, our rental equipment and components are ideally suited for pilot testing. Ultimately we can use this proven technology to design and build a permanent system that meets your needs.

A clear solution

For more than twenty-five years, we have offered our customers in the domestic and industrial wastewater market clear and high-quality solutions. Whatever system you need, with Logisticon you can be certain you will get a cost efficient and reliable purification process. Please contact us to discuss your options.

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