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Activated carbon filtration / adsorption

Activated carbon has a high adsorptive capacity which enables it to remove numerous substances from water and air. Some of these substances are as follows:

  • organic microcontaminants, chlorinated 
  •  hydrocarbons, solvents, detergents, 
  •  pesticides, dissolved oil, etc.;
  • aromatic substances;
  • heavy metals;
  • cyanides
  • colourings and flavourings (humus acids).

Activated carbon is often used as packing in filter tanks for water treatment. As often as not, these filter tanks are backwashed, as are sand filters, to remove the suspended particles.    [koolfilter]
When the activated carbon is saturated and, as a result, can no longer adsorb substances, it must be replaced or, alternatively, regenerated and recycled.