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Air filters biological / active carbon

Air filter – active carbon

Active carbon air filters are manufactured from steel and have air inlet and discharge channels. When used to treat 'wet' air, the unit is supplied with a heater to keep the carbon dry. When properly dimensioned, the yield of the air filter can exceed 99%. And we can take care of this dimensioning for you.

Air filter – biological

Biological air filters are used for substances that are easy to break down biologically. When the right process conditions are created, a biological filter does not need to be regenerated, as is the case with an active carbon filter. Biological air filters do require a start-up period, however, before they start functioning properly. As a rule, biological air filters have an adequate yield but are less easy to control than active carbon air filters. The filter medium must be kept moist at all times.
Our rental fleet includes a large number of air filters that can be deployed immediately (we take care of the delivery of active carbon or biological filter materials).