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Buffer tanks


The buffer tanks of Logisticon Water Treatment are standard supplied with a net content of 1,5 up to 35 m3 and are made of carbon steel (St 37) with a high quality 2-component coating. Up to a volume of 5 m³, the buffer tanks are provided with stainless steel lids with handles. The larger buffer tanks standard have an open top but can be provided with a cover (tarpaulin) or leaf net. All buffer tanks are equipped with lifting lugs. The buffer tanks types BB-1 and BB-3 are also equipped with openings for lifting with a forklift truck.

The buffer tanks are standard equipped with DIN flanges for feed, overflow and discharge, a drain valve and level switches. Additional  manual or automatic operated valves are possible. The buffer tanks can be optionally equipped with a mixer or agitator. These are mainly used in physico-chemical processes (coagulation and flocculation) and for pH correction.


The buffer tanks are generally used for storage of water, waste water and can be used as influent buffer tank, pump buffer, buffer tank for effluent,  sludge buffer tank, waste water tank or other storage applications.

TYPEA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Nett content (m³)