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Container treatment units

Container treatment units are complete treatment units that have been installed in a steel 10ft or 20ft container. The main components and the equipment are incorporated into the container. Because they are ready for operation, the containers can be rapidly deployed.

Incorporating a treatment unit into a 10- 20-ft container has the following advantages:

  • minimal mobilisation time, therefore rapidly deployable
  • fewer facilities required on location
  • no fencing required
  • less space required
  • thanks to insulated walls, no noise nuisance or danger of freezing
  • less conspicuous than a treatment unit consisting of separate components
  • the entire structure is sealed, making it vandal-proof
  • longer life span than a treatment system consisting of separate components.

With regard to the available space inside the container, these units do have a number of limitations. For a system that includes filters, it means that a container treatment unit will achieve a capacity of a maximum of 10 m3/hour.

Fewer limitations apply to installing a stripping tower in a container. As a rule, standard stripping towers, complete with a pump tank and air-side active carbon filter can be installed in a container. Due to the size of the air filter, stripping towers in combination with a biological air filter are more difficult to integrate in a container. This is the reason the biological air filter is placed on or next to the container when the capacity is 10 m3/hour or more.

Features of the container:
A container in which a water treatment unit is being installed is adapted in the following way:

  • a ventilation grille and the requisite cable and pipe lead-throughs are fitted in the wall
  • a sealable wicket door is fitted in one of the large container doors
  • the interior wall is insulated with glass wool, onto which wooden sheeting with a white plastic top layer has been fitted
  • an aluminium bulb plate floor is fitted (in the case of a 20-ft container)

For filter units:

  • in the roof, access hatches are fitted for the integrated water buffers as well as hatches to fill the filters. These hatches can be sealed and are supplied with gas springs. A ladder is also supplied.The following are also installed:lighting with a switch and wall socket
  • a heater with a thermostat
  • a stainless steel writing board with a document holder
  • a fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, eye-wash fountain. The standard container treatment unit is finished on the outside in a RAL colour of the customer’s choice or, if desired, in the customer’s corporate colours.