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Lamella separator


A tilted plate separator, corrugated plate interceptor or lamella separator is used to separate solid particles from a water stream. These particles can settle by their size and weight. In the lamella separator, a tilted plate package is provided to promote a laminar, even flow of water and greatly increases the settable surface through the lamellae. Solid particles settle and are collected in the hoppers underneath the plate package (lamellae). Using a pneumatically operated valve, the collected sludge is removed at fixed times. For efficient removal of the sludge, the lamella separator is provided with a special sludge discharge tank for a smooth discharge.


The separators are available in various versions where the following aspects involved:

  • capacity
  • required projected settling surface (following applied surface load)
  • installation of the lamella in either counter current flow of co current flow
  • Installation mainly in steel coated or stainless steel (plastic also available on request)
  • distance of plates (standard 55mm)

The standards developed by Logisticon for rental are based on a counter current flow version with various projected settling areas of 12 up to 90 m². (At a lamella distance of 55mm) If another version is required we can realize it after consultation of our engineering department.

The use of a coil pipe flocculator (in combination with coagulant, flocculant dosage) or mixing tank (s) is optional.


  • Compact installation
  • Limited foot pint
  • High efficiency
  • No moving parts


  • Wastewater treatment for removal of suspended matter
  • Wastewater treatment for heavy metals removal
  • Removal of organic pollutants in combination with coagulation & flocculation in (waste) water
  • Removal of inorganic pollutants in combination with coagulation & flocculation in (waste) water
  • Treatment of surface water
  • Treatment of backwash water from sand filtration, such as de-ferrisation.
  • Post-treatment of tertiary wastewater
  • Pretreatment for a (biological) wastewater treatment