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Apply Reversed osmosis technology?


The best Nano/RO membrane to use will depend on the quality of the feed water. In addition to the salt content (fresh, brackish, salt) the proneness of the water to fouling (including biofouling) will play an important role. We will determine the right membranes and the related guarantees for you in consultation with our membrane suppliers.

Logisticon uses all sorts of equipment including predefined standard models the functionality of which can, of course, be expanded by the client. The main design principles for our standard models are as follows:  

  • flux 22.5 – 25.0 l/m²/h at 20 degrees, at 75% recovery, 500 mg/l Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Silt Density Index (SDI) <3
  • inch membrane modules
  • (options – pressure feed pump);
  • candle filter 5 µm;
  • antiscalant dosing;
  • instrumentation: flow rate and conductivity of feed and permeate, temperature;
  • control of microprocessor (incl. discharge of the concentrate after the installation has been switched off);
  • mounted on a stainless steel skid.