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Sedimentation / Lamella sedimentation tank

In sedimentation, suspended particles are removed from water under the force of gravity. Clients can opt for a large basin/tank in which the particles sink to the bottom and are removed by means of scrapers (this requires a long retention time and a large amount of space).

Another common technology is the use of the lamella sedimentation tank in which a large number of plates are positioned at an angle to create a large sedimentation surface. The suspended particles settle and are collected in a cone under the plates and discharged periodically. The big advantage of this increased sedimentation surface is that the tank does not have to be so large

Lamella separator

The lamella sedimentation tank is available in various models, the following aspects playing a role in the selection process:

  • capacity;
  • required projected area;
  • sedimentation area (depending on the surface loading rate);
  • equipped with a sand trap;
  • setting up of lamella with the flow or counter to the flow;
  • coated steel or stainless steel model (plastic is also possible for smaller sedimentation tanks);
  • centre-to-centre distance of the lamella

The standard models Logisticon has developed are based on a counter-flow model with projected surfaces of 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 m². Should another design be required, we can arrange it for you in joint consultation. We have a selection of lamella sedimentation tanks (including full-scale versions) available in our rental fleet which you can use to treat your water on a temporary or trial basis. The application of a pipe flocculator (in combination with polyelectrolyte or PE dosing) is also possible.