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Ultra filtration

Looking for ultrafiltration? Fixed or mobile ultrafiltration installation, you are most welcome to contact us for sales or mobile water rental solutions.

When a pilot study is conducted with ultra filtration or microfiltration, it can be determined exactly how the configuration of the installation will eventually be constructed (total modules, manufactured article and type of membrane, cleaning method, etc.). When this data is available, we can customise the design and production for you.

However, Logisticon Water Treatment can also conduct pilot trials for you even if this design data is not known. We can do that for every type of membrane – that is, with overpressure membranes as well as with submerged (low-pressure) membranes. A number of different pilot systems are available for this purpose.

Logisticon Water Treatment has gained a great deal of experience in building installations with the following types of ultra-filtration (UF) membranes, amongst others:

Overpressure Ultrafiltration UF units with:

  • Inge Dizzer membranes
  • Hydranautics Hydracap membranes
  • Berghof Bio-Air membranes
  • IMT Seven-bore membranes
  • DOW UF membranes
  • Norit X-flow membranes
  • PCI Membranes
  • NXFiltration membranes

Low-pressure UF units (usually membrane bioreactor (MBR) units) with submerged UF units with:

  • Koch Puron membranes
  • Hydranautics membranes
  • Mitsubishi membranes
  • Microza Asahi Kasei membranes.

In addition to customised units, we have pre-defined standards that can be universally deployed and that allow for a certain level of safety and flexibility in capacity. We would be happy to make an appointment for an informal visit, free of obligation, and give you more details about the options presented by the various membrane systems.

Rental of ultrafiltration: Logisticon Mobile Water Rental Solutions has Europe’s largest fleet of all kind of water treatment units. Also multiple mobile ultrafiltration in the range of 5-200 m3/h each are available for rent.