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Stripping towers / vacuĆ¼m degassers

Stripping towers / vacuum degassers Stripping towers are used to remove volatile aromatic hydrocarbons, such as benzene, toluene and xylene, and volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons such as perchloroethylene (per) and trichloroethylene (tri) from water. Logisticon stripping towers are of the type known as counter-current stripping towers. The principle of these towers is that water is pumped into the top of the column and air is blown in the bottom. The volatile components move from the water phase into the air phase. Performance of more than 99% can be achieved in correctly-dimensioned stripping towers. A post-treatment of the air released is often necessary. In practice, use is made of air side activated carbon filters or biological air filters for this purpose.


Stripping towers are manufactured from coated steel or plastic and, under normal circumstances, comprise two parts: a base with blower and a column with packing. A removable plastic lid with drip tray is mounted on the column. The maximum height of our stripping towers is approx. 8.3 meter. There is a grid, on which the packing is located, at the bottom of the column. The base (water and pump buffer) contains a high-quality switching mechanism. Other provisions are: a stainless steel water distribution system (which is removable), an inspection hatch, supports at the top of the column and low down on the frame for horizontal transport, crane hooks, water and air pipes which are mounted along the stripping tower, a gauge glass for checking the water level in the base, a cage ladder, a blower with switch in a sound-insulating housing and an optional lightning conductor along the tower. DIN flanges are provided for the influent and effluent connections. Our stripping towers also have a sampling and a drainage point.
If the air released requires post-treatment, the stripping tower in question can be connected to a biological filter or an air side activated carbon filter.

Logisticon manufactures these stripping towers for sale or rental. The diameter and height of the stripping tower are determined on the basis of the volumes of water to be treated, contaminants to be removed, removal efficiency and the packing material of the stripping tower (e.g. Pall rings). Logisticon would be happy to work out a design to meet your requirements. Small stripping towers, with diameters of up to 630 mm, are made of plastic; larger ones, with diameters exceeding 630 mm, are made of coated steel. Besides stripping towers (overpressure due to the blowing in of air) Logisticon also has vacuum degassers (which strip by creating a lower pressure or vacuum).