Final installation installed within a week

In a previous title, Logisticon reported the temporary installation at a French industrial customer. The temporary installation was replaced for a permanent installation after a few months, according to plan. The installation is largely redundant. Two ultrafiltration units take care of the pre-purification of the river water. The 3 reverse osmosis plants turn it into (conditioned) process water. RVS tanks were installed for storage and a hydrophore installation for distribution.

In consultation with the client, it was decided to build the plant in containers. As this made it possible to completely prepare everything in our factory and install it at the customer's site in only one day. The connecting (HDPE) piping between the containers and the installation of the customer was built in one week. Immediately afterwards, the installation was put into operation and after training the local operators, it was handed over to the costumer. As with many installations, remote support is provided by Logisticon.

Again a, nice example of building according to the wishes of the customer consisting of standard containerized installations with proven performance and reliability.

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