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Process water

Process water has many names and qualities. What exactly is process water? We speak of process water when the water is used in a production process. Process water is often also given other names such as ultrapure water,
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Drinking water

Drinking water is a basic human need and should be guaranteed to be safe. Water companies are able to offer high quality water thanks to extensive research and the commitment of many plants to purify groundwater, surface water,
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Waste water

The treatment of domestic sewage provides increased opportunities for energy conservation and recovery of nutrients. In the case of industrial wastewater treatment the improving effluent quality makes it increasingly possible to
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Environmental solutions

Logisticon offers environmentally and economically sound water-treatment plants, both for temporary and permanent use. These installations are built ready for operation, modern and proven environmental technologies are used in
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Containerized and Mobile Water Treatment Systems

Mobile or semi-permanent water treatment in containersWater purification in a container is useful if you want a quick and hassle-free start with mobile water treatment. Whether it's sand filtration, reverse osmosis,
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Logisticon’s pilot and demonstration installations

A pilot plant is a very good way to test one of the available treatment methods, and the operational management best suited to it.Comprehensive choiceLogisticon Water Treatment, which is based in Groot-Ammers, the
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One does not automatically get the choice of various options such as rental, rental/purchase, lease and purchase when one goes to buy a water treatment installation. Logisticon, however, has been providing alternative financing
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Logisticon mobile water solutions is Europe’s largest rental company in water treatment and purification equipment.Fast and flexible rentalBesides sales of systems, Logisticon also rents almost all available types of water
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Logisticon Water Treatment has an extensive in-house service & maintenance department with a large team of specialists with many years of experience in all forms of water purification.The activities of the service &
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