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Oil/water separation
Oil/water separation

Oil-water separators are used to separate non-emulsified oils or poorly soluble hydrocarbons from (waste) water.

By introducing a number of flow baffles, an oil-water separator is divided into several compartments. In the first compartment, coarse sedimentary particles (including sand) will be able to settle. In the next compartment, a floating layer with oil will be created due to the natural uplift (flotation) of the oil. An adjustable skimmer gutter can be used to drain off this floating oil. The removal efficiency is highly dependent on the influent concentrations and the type of oil. The cleaned water can be drained using an immersion baffle.

Optionally, a coalescing filter can be used. This is used to create a large specific surface. Small oil particles that do not naturally float upward at first will stick together into larger particles and float upward in that way. This enables these hydrocarbons to be removed more efficiently.

Logisticon deploys its oil-water separators extensively in many different groundwater and waste water projects.

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