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Direct nanofiltration
Direct nanofiltration

Logisticon uses capillary nanofiltration or CapNF membranes. These inside-out hollow fibre membranes are made of polyethersulfone (PES), which, unlike normal spiral wound membranes, can also be backwashed. The advantage of using PES is that it is more resistant to oxidative substances such as active chlorine.

With capillary nanofiltration, surface water or (tertiary) waste water can be purified in one step into high-quality process water or even drinking water. CapNF combines the beneficial properties of capillary ultrafiltration (UF) with the beneficial properties of nanofiltration (NF). This technique is very suitable for the removal of organic dissolved substances (large molecules), colour, micro-pollution, pesticides and partly also ions (calcium, sulphate, phosphate, etc.). And just like a UF membrane, a CapNF membrane also removes bacteria and viruses.

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