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Soil Remediation
Soil Remediation

Logisticon has a long history of helping the construction industry to treat and purify groundwater. After all, huge volumes of groundwater are pumped up during construction and remediation work. Logisticon can help de-ferrise the water and remove suspended particles, heavy metals, mineral oils and hydrocarbons. Making adjustments to the pH of the water is another possible option.

In order to support the environmental engineering industry, Logisticon has a large and extensive fleet of easily deployable modular units to treat groundwater. The fleet includes buffers, sand filters, active carbon filters and stripping towers.

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All case studies
De-ironing of groundwater
During the construction of a new production facility for a large food producer located in the North of the Netherlands, that produces coffee related products, the concentration of Fe2+ in…
Iron, manganese and sulfate removal during ground water remediation at pharmaceutical site
In order to expand the production location of a Belgian pharmaceutical company, a remediation had to be carried out.
Removal of hydrocarbons from contaminated ground water
At a remediation project in Nanterre, France, the contaminated soil had to be cleared of hydrocarbons, consisting of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene (BTEX) and oil.
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