Right chemistry between Logisticon and Organik Kimya

Posted on: 24-09-2020

Chemiebedrijf Organik Kimya Netherland BV, located at the appropriate Chemieweg 7 in Rotterdam, specialized in making polymers as a basis for paints and lacquers. In 2019, Organik Kimya asked if Logisticon Water Treatment could help...

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Logisticon provides temporally waste water treatment solution

Posted on: 10-09-2020

At the end of 2019, a food company specialised in the refining of edible oils was confronted with the departure of the neighbouring company that was relocating its activities. Together these companies had a shared wastewater treatment...

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Nitrogen removal for the Rivierenland Water Board

Posted on: 28-08-2020

One of the important parts of the wwtp Nijmegen is the digestion of sludge from both the wwtp Nijmegen and the other wwtp’s in the region. As a result, biogas and energy production have increased in recent years.

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Logisticon is growing!

Posted on: 14-08-2020

At Logisticon Water Treatment we are busy realizing our new construction project. As a growing company, it is necessary to have a sufficient workplace, because that way you can continue to perform optimally. With Ambachtsweg 34,...

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Logisticon innovates! We proudly present the UF60

Posted on: 15-07-2020

After developing a new Capillary Nanofiltration (CapNF) pilot unit, Logisticon has realized yet another pilot unit. Namely the UF60 unit, this Ultra-filtration pilot unit is mainly intended for on-site testing at the consumer.

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Innovation by Logisticon!

Posted on: 24-06-2020

Logisticon has developed a new Capillary Nanofiltration (CapNF) pilot installation. This stand-alone mobile water solution unit is ideal if you want additional capacity or if you want to guarantee continuity of production.

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Oasen cooperates with Logisticon on treatment systems for two new plants

Posted on: 03-06-2020

Oasen is constructing two new treatment plants in Kamerik and Nieuw-Lekkerland, where, within a few years, Oasen will use membranes to treat groundwater to create clear and reliable drinking water. Logisticon Water Treatment is to...

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Mobile Chlodos desinfect drinking water network

Posted on: 15-05-2020

Everybody should have safe drinking water available of the highest quality. In the event of an incident, it is therefore essential that the supply of drinking water returns to a safe level as soon as possible. The mobile Chlodo...

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Vitens Dinxperlo went for specific knowledge when replacing membranes

Posted on: 08-05-2020

The membranes of the drinking water installation operated by Vitens need to be replaced. Thanks to the right knowledge, Logisticon’s service department wrote a special plan of approach and has now tendered for and has been granted the...

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Logisticon supplies a sophisticated treatment installation: Bioterra can discharge again

Posted on: 01-05-2020

At Bioterra in Genk (Belgium), soil is remediated either biologically or using a physical-chemical process. Logisticon Water Treatment designed, built and delivered a fullscale MBR installation.

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Dunea happy with innovative rinse water processing

Posted on: 22-04-2020

Dunea extracts water from the dunes and processes it into drinking water that it supplies to 1.3 million people. In addition to supplying high quality drinking water, Dunea wants to reduce its environmental impact to the minimum. To...

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Logisticon keeps the construction of a metro station in Copenhagen going

Posted on: 17-04-2020

During the construction of a new station in Copenhagen, the ground water was found to be contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons. That is why Logisticon Rental was asked whether it could deliver a full-scale treatment rental...

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