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Logisticon Water Treatment exists 35 years!
Posted on: 02-06-2023
Logisticon is proud to announce that the company is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. The company will open its doors on Saturday 10 June. Come by and visit the new office building and new factory hall, while enjoying a snack and a drink!
Logisticon continues to invest in a sustainable future!
Posted on: 26-05-2023
Logisticon has a first! A circular energy storage container will be installed at the company in Groot-Ammers. The energy storage system stores the energy generated by the 1000 solar panels on Logisticon’s building.
Chemical storage and dosing solutions developed by Logisticon available for rent
Posted on: 26-04-2023
Logisticon has developed various chemical storage and dosing solutions. These solutions are called “Chemdose” units. The units are currently available from stock.
Logisticon at Maintenance Next
Posted on: 30-03-2023
From 18 to 20 April 2023, Maintenance Next will take place in Rotterdam Ahoy and Logisticon can of course not be missed there.
Sustainability at Logisticon
Posted on: 03-03-2023
In times of environmental and climate change, it is a must to consider the environment and the future of our planet. Logisticon focuses on sustainable improvement of their own activities, but also thinks along for customers.
PFAS: what it is and Logisticon’s solutions
Posted on: 27-01-2023
Substances such as PFOS, PFOA and products from the GenX process are receiving increasing attention due to the possible negative health effects. What is PFAS exactly and what are Logisticon's solutions for removing it from water?
Drinking water supply secured for the future by new water treatment plant
Posted on: 20-01-2023
In 2021, Oasen started with the complete new construction of water treatment plant De Put in Nieuw-Lekkerland. Logisticon Water Treatment was commissioned by Oasen to design and build the RO membrane installations.
Cleaner wastewater to sewer thanks to Logisticon
Posted on: 09-12-2022
A chemical company in Noord-Brabant that disposes her wastewater in the sewer, was confronted with stricter discharge requirements, which made wastewater treatment necessary. The company asked Logisticon to create and realize a solution for this problem.
Winners contest new website
Posted on: 02-12-2022
3 weeks ago Logisticon announced a new website, and with it a contest. We want to thank everybody for visiting the website and joining the contest.
Temporary drinking water facility during conversion drinking water station
Posted on: 24-11-2022
In Central Europe, a lot of drinking water is obtained from surface water, mostly from lakes. To guarantee the supply of good quality drinking water in the future, a big utility company in Switzerland needed to modernize and expand.
MBR installation for industrial customer
Posted on: 16-11-2022
Logisticon realised a membrane bioreactor (MBR) plant with a net production capacity of 80 m3/h for an industrial customer in the chemical industry, located in Ruhr area Germany.
Surface water pilot for Dunea Valkenburgse Meer commissioned
Posted on: 10-10-2022
In a previous LogistiContour, we wrote about project Valkenburgse Meer. Dunea is looking for new sources to produce drinking water because the robust system, with two river sources (Maas and Lek) and 80km long pipes to the dunes, is becoming more and more
New-build in partial use
Posted on: 09-02-2022
The previous update on the office building and production hall renovations dates…
Smart innovation results in less maintenance
Posted on: 03-02-2022
Logisticontour no. 25 featured an article about a groundwater survey conducted by…
Special treatment at ‘De Put’
Posted on: 25-01-2022
Special treatment at ‘De Put’ Drinking water treatment plant ‘De Put’ in Nieuw-Lekkerland…
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