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One team, one passion: long-term support for customers with smart and sustainable water solutions. MAKING WATER WORK

Why choose Logisticon?

One clear-cut answer: the right answer to virtually all water treatment problems under one roof for 35 years. This applies not just to the preparation of drinking and process water but also to the purification of municipal and industrial wastewater. You can choose from a (semi) permanent, mobile or pilot solution – in a purchase, lease, rental format – or outsourcing for a full-service solution. With every installation, you work directly with our in-house design team. Because the design, engineering and construction are realised entirely from our own location. Which means that Logisticon doesn't have to rely on third parties… and that you can rely completely on Logisticon.

Core values? Customer-oriented, expert, honest

These seem to be very simple words to describe what a company stands for. But the context of these words is deeply woven into the DNA of Logisticon's people. Based on Dutch common sense, straight talking and sincerity and aimed at enabling the client to achieve a real benefit. This is probably the reason why Logisticon has grown into an independent organisation with approximately 100 employees since it was founded by 3 pioneers in 1988. This type of success is only possible when clients can see that the solutions work, that the advice holds true and that a fair price is being charged for the work.

Does this way of thinking and working appeal to you? Then the door is wide open for you as either a possible new client or a possible new employee.

Sustainable entrepreneurship in its purest form

If you are looking for a relationship with a company in which there is a good balance between the environment, finances and social well-being, you will feel right at home with the sustainable philosophy and approach of Logisticon Water Treatment & Logisticon Rental. This pursuit of a minimal or even completely neutral environmental impact and circular thinking are central tenets throughout the organisation.

For example, the guarantee of environmental protection and sustainability is anchored in the most recent standards ISO9001, ISO14001 and VCA**. Moreover, Logisticon's business premises have been completely renovated and disconnected from the natural gas net. All lighting has been replaced by LED and most of our electricity is generated by over 1,000 solar panels, resulting in an A++++ energy label on the office building. Added to that, substantial investments have been made in our own stainless steel pickling plant, which greatly reduces transport to and from external suppliers. From mid-2022, Logisticon will only purchase electrically powered passenger cars.

In addition, much of our equipment is (wet) tested in our own workshop in advance in order to avoid surprises during installation. Logisticon's water treatment solutions are increasingly focused on water reuse, reducing the discharge of pollutants into the environment and cutting back on the consumption of chemicals and energy. However, when it comes to sustainability our work is never finished.

That is why we are now working together with customers and suppliers to optimise the Cradle-to-Cradle process even more. How can reusable substances and materials improve the functionality of installations? Especially with the end of the technical lifespan of an installation in mind.

Logisticon sees it as a challenge to use these new developments as inspiration for even more sustainable projects in a relatively static market.

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