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The inDENSE® technology uses gravimetric sludge selection on conventional activated sludge systems to increase throughput, improve settling rates and promote enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR). By continuously selecting the heavier sludge fraction, settling capacity is improved, resulting in a lower sludge volume index and stable performance without spring spikes. This process also increases bio-P capacity.
The brand "inDENSE" stands for "Process intensification by densified biomass". With inDENSE®, the sludge volume index is permanently reduced, significantly increasing the hydraulic capacity of the treatment plant. The system uses hydrocyclones to select and separate higher-density sludge aggregates, while the light sludge fraction is removed for sludge processing. The underflow contains higher-density biomass that thrives optimally under oxygen-free conditions.

The hydrocyclones are fed with return sludge, with 15-20% of the supply stream recycled to the treatment process. Biological selection is supported by this physical selection in a designated selector zone. This efficient process allows more intensive use of tank volume, which reduces space requirements for new plants and increases the capacity of existing plants. In addition, inDENSE® prevents problems with leaching and accumulation of solids, making it a sustainable and effective solution for wastewater treatment plants.

Benefits of inDENSE®:

  • Better sludge settleability – higher hydraulic load system
  • Improved biological phosphate removal
  • Low investment
  • Very compact system, requires little space
  • Easy integration in any existing kind of activated sludge system
  • Low energy consumption and no chemical consumption

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