New-build in partial use

The previous update on the office building and production hall renovations dates from October 2021. A lot has happened since then and the office building on Energieweg 2 is now in use, to the delight of staff. As well as offering more space, the optimised air circulation enables daily work to continue; particularly important during Covid-19 pandemic.

As Logisticon already indicated, the company’s core values are clearly on display in the new office design and climate control. For instance, in line with Logisticon’s sustainable philosophy, the offices and production halls operate without natural gas. The requirements for air circulation and optimised cooling have also been considered, resulting in exceptional comfort and a healthier indoor climate. Works to complete the outdoor terraces adjacent to the canteen and meeting room are currently in full flow.

Considerable progress has also been made in recent months in constructing the new production hall. After the steel structure being erected and the roof being placed on top, the floor is now also ready for use. Hard work on the design and layout ensures optimised premises capable of realising many fantastic projects for clients. Logisticon is delighted with the end result and the opportunities for growth this renovation offers.

Vink and Logisticon sustainable supplychain partners

Posted on: 24-06-2022 Logisticon’s major plastic supplier, Vink Kunststoffen, has set up a plastic recycling program in which clients are able to recycle their plastic waste material. Vink...

Evides and Logisticon celebrate 12,5 years of DWP Botlek

Posted on: 13-06-2022 12,5 years ago, Evides Industriewater realized the biggest Dutch demineralized water installation in Port of Rotterdam. The Demi Water Plant (DWP) is designed and built in a record...

Temporary pilot solution for new flocculant test

Posted on: 08-06-2022 In March Logisticon Rental installed a Polymer (PE) make-up unit at a production site of the drinking water company of Groningen (Waterbedrijf Groningen). This project was done in...

Orvion Udetect® - analysing bacteria in water samples with mobile qPCR

Posted on: 21-04-2022 Orvion B.V., a sister company of Logisticon, has developed Orvion Udetect®, which enables you to analyse bacteria in water quickly and accurately, independently and in-field,...

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