Smart wastewater treatment pilot programme enables Belgian chemical producer to discharge into sewer

The situation concerns a waste water pilot installation at a Belgian producer of phenolic resins (synthetic plastics). 

This client was confronted with an excessively high concentration of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in their waste water. This high COD was caused by excessive concentrations of phenol, formaldehyde, butanol and methanol, which meant that wastewater could no longer be discharged. As a result, this wastewater had to be disposed of to an external party, which resulted in additional costs.

As a solution, Logisticon developed an on-site wastewater treatment pilot programme in the form of a remotely controlled membrane bioreactor (MBR). This MBR system achieves a COD breakdown of over 95%. Besides this pilot system can treat the entire flow, which means water no longer must be discharged to the external party, resulting in considerable cost savings. Moreover, the customer can start building knowledge and experience with this MBR process. This is another great example of onsite treatment with remote process support by Logisticon’s water specialists.

Do you have similar challenges with your wastewater or are you interested in alternative, smart and cost-saving solutions? If so, please contact Logisticon’s water specialists. They look forward to help you. 

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