Logisticon builds brackish water pilot for Dunea

Dunea is looking for new drinking water sources, because a system with one river source, the Afgedamde Maas and 80 km of pipelines to the dunes, is becoming increasingly vulnerable. Pollution is lurking, prolonged dry periods mean there is little river water to make drinking water and the long pipelines increasingly have to be moved to accommodate other people's plans.Dunea is looking for a mix of sources that will ensure a guaranteed supply of drinking water to customers. The Lek River is being used more often as a second river and new sources are needed, closer to the dunes.

One of these sources is the preparation of drinking water from brackish groundwater, which is located under the dunes. The brackish groundwater is extracted from the dune area near Scheveningen and purified of salt and contaminants. This purified water is then added to the water that enters the post-purification system of the Scheveningen pumping station. A second advantage of extracting brackish groundwater at the edge of the also present freshwater bubble is that that the fresh water is less sensitive to salinization (the Freshkeeper effect). A larger supply of fresh water also helps to bridge long dry periods.

Before a decision can be made to actually use brackish groundwater for drinking water supply, further research is needed into the best way of extracting and purifying this water. Dunea has received a sustainability subsidy for this from the European Union (LIFE Freshman). After a successful EMVI tender, Logisticon was awarded the contract to build a pilot plant at the pilot site in Scheveningen. The purification installation will be located in the direct vicinity of the extraction wells of the brackish groundwater.The contract concerns the design, the construction of the purification installation and the maintenance during the duration of the pilot. Logisticon will ensure that the brackish water is led to the pilot hall and treated by the Reverse Osmosis installation (see photo), for desalination and removal of contaminants from the water.

Learn more about the research program at www.dunea.nl/brakgrondwater

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