Hygienically designed reverse osmosis unit

In close cooperation with Wairtec, Logisticon Water Treatment supplied a hygienically designed and built softener and reverse osmosis unit with a net capacity of 12 m3/h at a fruit juice processing company.

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On the building site of the Groot Salland Water Board, the construction of an innovative treatment plant, specifically for waste water from the nearby Isala Hospital, location Sophia, was started on Thursday 11 February 2010. The new chairman, Herman Dijk, gave the go-ahead together with Marjanne Sint, chairman of the Isala Hospital/Clinics.

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With the construction of sludge dewatering installation at the sewage treatment in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands and an additional 3rd digester, an additional treatment of the residual streams is necessary. These residual streams contain high concentrations of nitrogen that must be removed.

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Because the new Water Framework Directive (WFD) will enter into force, which implies that the surface water must have a good chemical and biological condition, additional measures will have to be taken at various locations in the Netherlands to achieve this. As a source of pollution in some waters, the WWTP plays an important role in the prevailing water quality.

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